Welcome to CareerPriestess.com!

I want to ask you 3 important questions:

1. Are you ready to live an inspired life?

2. Do you want to have a unique career that allows you to live with authenticity, passion, and make an important contribution?

3. Will you be able to reach your full potential and be remembered long after you’re gone?

For most women, the answer to the first two questions is a big heartfelt “YES!” but the answer to the third question brings about a sad realization that they are not as sure of themselves as they’d like to be and also that they’re not fully supported by people around them or life in general. Moving toward our most-cherished dreams can bring about a lot of fear, anxiety, confusion, and anger. This is truly a heroine’s journey that requires us to bare our soul and step courageously into the unknown. People we care about may not understand us. We may not feel nurtured at all. This is where most women put aside their dreams, sacrificing their hearts for their mundane lives and other people’s demands.

Transform your life in just 10 weeks with Len Sone, the Career Priestess!
The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone! I, The Career Priestess, am here to support you on the journey of discovering your soul essence and creating a career and life of love, joy, and meaning!

Don’t give up on your dreams! They exist so you can step into them and be an inspiration to others! You’re made of stars, literally. ;) It’s the 21st century and just about everything is possible! So don’t play it small!

You can find more about me here. I invite you to hire me and experience a miraculous transformation in just 10 weeks! :)


Len Sone
The Career Priestess

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